Clean Zyme Papaya Cleanser 119ml

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Product Overview

An enzymatic gel based cleanser that gently resurfaces to reveal brighter looking skin

What it does:

Clean Zyme Cleanser is a supplemental home care exfoliation product that has the ability to gently remove dead skin cells and smooth skin - perfect for all skin types, even those with more sensitive skin. This cleanser is also perfect for teenagers. 

Proteolytic enzymes derived from green unripened papaya (Papain) gently resurface to reveal healthy, smooth and polished skin. Use this exfoliating face cleanser anytime for an immediate polished, radiant complexion. 

Designed to be used in conjunction with Skin Zyme Face Mask but works beautifully on its own as a skin-refining cleanser.

How to use:
Clean Zyme exfoliating face cleanser may be applied in place of regular cleanser and left on 1 to 2 minutes. Remove with a clean, damp washcloth using lukewarm water. Blot dry.
For best resuts use with Skin Zyme Mask: 
Apply Skin Zyme Enzyme Mask in a thin even layer over entire face (and neck, if desired) and allow to remain for up to 20 minutes. To remove Skin Zyme, apply a small amount of Clean Zyme to face and massage very gently to achieve emulsification. Remove with a washcloth. Blot dry and follow with Skin Care Management products and/or moisturizer.

Jan Marini Skin Research is committed to safety and quality, ensuring all ingredients and formulations are manufactured in FDA approved GMP labs to the most rigorous scientific standards.

From time to time, ingredients are updated to reflect the latest formulation research. Please check product packaging for latest ingredients


(No reviews yet) Write a Review