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TEL: +61 3 9571 9990 or TEL: 1800 330 855
FAX: +61 3 9571 9995


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    Where to Buy Jan Marini Skin Research Products


    Tel: (03) 9571 9990, 1800 330 855 or email
    for referral to a Jan Marini Skin Research authorized Australian retailer near you.

    Internet Sales Policy

    Jan Marini products are not available online in Australia. Order processors at online retail warehouses are not qualified or equipped to provide professional skincare advice or assist with product choice. If this is inconvenient, please contact us direct by phone or email for your orders. By letting us know your usual stockist, you can earn them credits. If you are a new customer we can advise you, and for future management refer you to a convenient Jan Marini stockist.

    There are a number of internet sites which advertise the Jan Marini brand on search engine pages. These are not authorised Australian stockists and we do not supply them with genuine Jan Marini products. Only JMSR Australia and our approved stockists are authorized to distribute genuine Jan Marini products in Australia.

    JMSR Australia takes no responsibility for any product purchased over the internet.

    Online Sales Policy as well as partner clinics webshops that state they are an “Authorised Australian Jan Marini stockists” are the ONLY authorised online resellers of Jan Marini skincare products in Australia.

    Any products marketed by Hong Kong-based businesses like and their cyber-agents and do not source products from Jan Marini Skin Research in San Jose.

    For genuine Jan Marini products, please contact us directly
    or on 1800 330 855

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