Since using products from the Jan Marini range, my skin is looking and feeling fabulous! I am so glad that I have finally found a skincare range perfect for my skin!

Margot Robbie

I’ve been stocking Jan Marini skincare products in my Sydney clinic for several years and continue to see excellent results. Patient feedback is universally positive and I find this is one of the few skincare lines on the market with which we obtain clinically observable results. My staff find Jan Marini products easy to recommend because everything in the range works so well, and because the products are suitable for long term use. I’m particularly impressed with the new Skin Care Management System kits which make dispensing so much simpler.Most importantly, I tell my patients that they will notice a significant improvement within 6 weeks of using these products. This has been consistently proven for each patient

Dr. Steven Liew MBBS; FRACS (Plastic & Reconstructive) Sydney, Australia

At The Face Institute, Jan Marini is our skincare range of choice to treat most common skin conditions such as ageing, sun-damage, pigmentation, acne and rosacea. Patients report that their prescribed skincare programs are easy to follow, affordable and achieve excellent results time and time again. We highly recommend Jan Marini skincare.

Dr Paul Gerarchi – Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

“I am the biggest fan of Jan Marini products, they’ve completely sorted out my skin problems! My skin glows and looks and feels fantastic! I’ve tried many many products over the years, but this exquisite range has worked, I’m so happy, I’ll never go back, and considering how many I’ve tried, i can say that!

Carla Bonner

I started using Jan Marini products consistently around 3 years ago, when constant application of TV make-up had left my skin congested and prone to breakouts. The first product that had an immediate impact was the Anti-oxidant Daily face protectant…. it really left my skin moisturised and glowing and the only thing that really protected my skin from the Sun. That made me take notice! Needless to say, I have found a dramatic difference since using all the products, from Serum, to factor-A to TGF…. and this is the only time in my life I have been able to stick to an entire range, because it works so beautifully on my skin. It’s the best product line I have ever used, and we are often provided with big brand and expensive ranges which don’t work nearly as well. I am always asked about my skin..(its never looked better!) and happily pass on to people what my beauty secret is!

Helen Kapalos

I have been using the Jan Marini products every morning and night for the past week and I have found that my skin has responded beautifully. In general my skin feels a lot finer and smoother and has more clarity. I have often struggled with breakouts which are exacerbated by heavy TV makeup, but I can see and feel blemishes diminishing and my skin appearing more radiant so I am thrilled!

Suze Raymond

Jan Marini – I’m in love! Well my skin is anyway.. Since using your amazing products, I can’t believe the significant improvement to my skin! Working under heavy lights and cameras during filming can take its toll on my skin and I often felt that I looked tired and exhausted. Now, that I have discovered your skincare range, it’s like I have found a genie in a bottle!
Jolene Anderson

Jan Marini skincare products are simply superb. The Age Intervention Face Primer is a virtual airbrush! And the Eye Contour Cream makes a world of difference after a couple of late nights. As a busy working mother, I can rest easy that a couple of minutes morning and night – with the help of Jan Marini – is all it takes to feel and look my best!
Tracy Spicer

I’ve been using Jan Marini for just over a month now and my skin is looking better than ever before. The Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant provides my skin with everyday protection and gives my skin a much needed moisture boost. I have to wear a lot of heavy make-up in TV so at the end of the day I particularly love using the bioglycolic facial cleanser. It contains glycolyic acid and therefore not only cleans your skin but gives it a more refined texture through it’s exfoliating effect. It creates a fun tingling feeling. My skin tends to get quite dry so at night I use the Transformation face cream and eye cream to give my skin as much hydration as I can before I head to the land of zzz’s
Gorgi Coghlan

Fairly recently I discovered the entire range of Jan Marini skincare products…their Transformation Cream and Age Intervention Enlighten have helped changed the texture and tone of my skin. I am virtually pore-less and can’t imagine not using them.
Melissa Hoyer

I have a cupboard full of products used and discarded, so I was reluctant to try anything new. Now I am glad I did. My skin has never felt or looked this fabulous. My Jan Marini homecare is easy to use and it works. Now, even my skin looks and feels expensive
Alex Perry

To be honest, my skin has never looked better! I wondered if it was just a coincidence at first but my skin has stayed glowing and blemish free. As you understand, wearing lots of makeup under lights is a recipe for disaster… so I’m really, really pleased with the results
Kim Watkins

I have been using skin products on a daily basis for over twenty years. In the past three months since I have switched to Jan Marini my skin has never looked better. I am thrilled with the Jan Marini Skin Research and wish I had made the move a lot earlier
Brigitte Duclos

The Jan Marini products are great and I have noticed a real difference in my skin after only using them a short time
Giaan Rooney

What can I say?? You were right. I absolutely love the product (have read up about it on the internet too, very impressive).I have given all of my other skin care products to my mum and sis, this is all I use now!!
Melissa Hetherington

I’ve tried many different products to try to control my problem skin and thought it was as clear as it could get. But after using Teen Clean for only a few weeks I had no pimples at all for the first time in years! Finally my skin is manageable again
Sam Clarke

I love the products by Jan Marini. I especially like the moisturiser with the SPF and the glycolic cleanser. My skin’s looking really good. I’m very happy with the results
Toni Pearen

What can I say? The skincare range by Jan Marini is to die for! I have never used anything like it… they are superb! Having a skincare regime tailored just for me means there is one less thing to worry about in my busy life! Thanks Jan Marini!
Kym Valentine

Since using products by Jan Marini, my skin feels and looks amazing! The products are wonderful and I can’t believe the results after using them for such a short time
Janet Andrewartha

Since using Jan Marini my skin looks fantastic! These products have done wonders on my skin. it’s amazing how well my skin responded in such a short time! My 36 year old face now looks 10 years younger! Thanks Jan Marini!
Troy Ellis

Being the Hair and Make-Up Supervisor for Neighbours I understand that skincare is one of the most important factors in keeping the cast looking and feeling their best. Throughout the years I have tried so many products but never has a product range worked as well as Jan Marini. I am thrilled to have finally found a skincare range that delivers in its promise each and every time
Helen Magelaki

FINALLY made it to my Jan Marini facial and I’m in love! My skin looked sensational afterwards and have been recommending it to everyone ever since. Have been using my products religiously and even though it’s only been four days I’ve already noticed a change in my skin…it’s fresh, smooth and glowy. Love it!
Sigourney Cantelo

So love my new regime and in 10 years of doing beauty I have to say I have never stuck to using one brand like this. Love it…
Sarah Brooks-Wilson

I have been trialling Jan Marini products for the past few weeks and have noticed a definite improvement to my skin. My complexion is clearer and the texture is more refined. I’ve also had an in-salon Enzyme treatment where I saw immediate improvements. I’d recommend the Jan Marini range (under the guidance of a skincare professional) to anyone with specific skin concerns or those wanting to improve the overall condition of their skin
Sally Hunwick

Without gushing, I can sincerely say my skin looks better now than it did 5 years ago. I use the Bioglycolic Cleanser and Transformation Cream everyday… love, love, love them and tell anyone who will listen as well!
Nicole Wraight – Beauty Editor, Australian Women’s Health

Big Fan
Margaret Annesley