Why choose Jan Marini?
Published Studies
Real MD Skin Care with multiple
peer reviewed published studies on
actual products.
Beyond the Gold Standard
Proven superiority to Gold
Standard Solutions
Multiple Award Winner
More New Beauty awards than
any other clinical brand.
What can new stockists of Jan Marini expect to experience?
Jan Marini’s mission is to grow your aesthetic business. The talented team will provide you with dedicated and individualised support allowing you to deliver your clients incredible and consistent results. The kind of results that are recognised globally as being beyond what you thought was possible with skincare. You will be dispensing skincare that has some of the most deeply researched science in the world, formulated by the most advanced laboratories and founded by someone with many decades of quite unique experience. The Jan Marini mission as clinicians, is to see clients and patients achieve their best skin possible.
Empowering stockists
Jan Marini doesn’t sell to department stores, pharmacies or other strictly retail venues. The brand partners with stockists who provide professionally managed skincare. Just as important is the business support that enables the stockist to gain strong financial traction and  increase revenue, stability and substantial profitability. Jan Marini is passionate about education. That includes educating the practice owner on how to successfully implement a business dimension with consistent significant revenue, as well as educating the consumer onhow to differentiate and navigate the countless, seductive product choices. We offer an exclusive trade portal for all stockists, providing you with educational material.
Why distribute Jan Marini products?
We are results-driven, and we take great delight in the feedback from the clinics we supply. Our mission is to see their businesses thrive. Jan Marini continues to introduce new and dynamic skincare solutions and will provide even greater tools and support to the Jan Marini Skin Research stockists.
Jan Marini is a US brand. What does this mean to us here in Australia?
Jan Marini is one of the top 3 leading aesthetic brands in the US, which is the most competitive skincare market in the world. Being based in Silicon Valley for 25 years has given Jan Marini Skin Research a huge technological advantage in terms of laboratory infrastructure, intellectual capital, bioengineering capability and formulation expertise. Collaboration with world-leading scientists in the Medical Research Institutes of universities including Stanford, Harvard and Johns Hopkins means the brand can bring products to Australia which are incredibly advanced.

What Jan Marini Offers:

— Loyalty
— Reward Program
— Business Plans
— Incentives & Volume Bonuses
— Priority Education
— Ongoing Marketing Collateral
— Our People
— 25+ Years Industry Intel
— Business Advice & Clinical Guidance
— Maximise Other Modalities

Marketing & In-clinic Support:

— Retail Displays
— Promotional Materials
— Patient Collateral
— Seasonal Promotions

Social Media Support:

— Customisable
— Shareable
— Accessible

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